Wow, a second blog on the first day?

So, I’m back again. Last time here was, what 2 hours ago? Gosh I’m on a roll. So today I read some of my old stories. They sucked. Well, the story line was okayish and some small scenes. But I couldn’t just delete it, so I decided to rewrite it. Even if I’m already writing a story. It’s just, I worked so hard for it and I don’t want to forget about it. It will probably take months to rewrite and finish it, but hey what else am I going to do with all my time. (okay I should probably study or do homework) I also made a new istagram account for this blog because it’s vacation and I was bored. So if somebody is going to read this (probably not, I mean c’mon there are thousands of blogs that are far more interesting) make sure to visit my instapage and if you really like me then follow me or something.

Do I need to say something as goodbye? or would that make things just awkwarder. Meh let’s just do it. So goodbye all you wonderful people who read my posts, hope you will find the love of your live and live happily ever after. I love you so much, don’t you ever leave my side. You are the one that I need<3.  Too much? I’m sorry, what about: Bye! See you later (alligator, gosh I’m so funny)


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