Hey guys!

So today I looked up some tips about making/ having a blog. They all said different things but one was mentioned multiple times. Do not compare yourself. I understand why, I mean if I go on and on about some blog that is better than mine you will go and read that blog, forgetting my blog. But it got me thinking, what is comparing? It is mostly seen as negative, but I think it’s not all negative. I’m introducing you to negative and positive comparing. I’ll explain

Negative comparing, the word says it. Looking at something/ someone and thinking negative about it. Example: ‘Look at those models, they are so pretty’ > ‘If I want to be pretty, I need to be skinny and I’m not. I’m not pretty or skinny, I’m not good enough’ Okay a bit exaggerated but you get the idea. You see something and thing bad about yourself or about your things

Positive comparing is the opposite. Looking at something/ someone and thinking positive about it. I know it sounds selfish (probably is) but of it makes you feel better and more confident then why not? example: ‘Look at those models, they are so skinny’ > ‘I’m happy that I can eat anything I want without breaking some super stupid diet’ See, you can be more confident if you compare yourself positive

I know this is kinda random but what I wanted to say is that not all comparing is bad, you can also compare yourself to make it better, what did I do wrong and how can I fix it. You can become more confident and not more self-conscious. I mean everybody compares him/herself and nothing is wrong with that, but don’t let yourself down because you don’t fit the ‘standards’, you are perfect.

So that was the inspiring shit of today. I hope you liked it! See you guys later!;)




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