Hey guys!

So I have a pretty exciting announcement to make: I will begin three mini-series. In these series I will post something every week on a standard day. I have decided that they will be small blogs about music, reading and my favourite things. So here are the mini-series.

The first one will be named Shuffle that song. In these blog post I will shuffle the songs in my playlist and you my thoughts about the first 5 songs, I will also include the links so you can listen to them too. Warning: about 4/5 of the songs in my playlist are kpop songs. I’m obsessed with kpop and can’t stop listening to it. So please don’t hate me because of my music choice. I will post this on every Wednesday

The second one will be named My crazy obsession of the week. This will show the things that I love this week. I mean we have something different that we love every week. These blog post will be on every Friday.

The last one is named Just read it.In this blog posts I will tell you what I think about the books that I read that week. I will also tell you in which books I started. I’ve decided to do this because probably more than half of the books that I read is on Wattpad. I just love it that you can read any time, any place. These post will come online every Monday

So this are the mini-series that I will start posting this week/ today(cuz its Wednesday and time for music). Hope y’all going to like it!


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