My crazy obsession of the week

hey guys! are you ready for my crazy obsession of the week? Psh of course you, why should I even ask you.

So uhm there are actually two thing that I have been obsessed thing. Because, you know, one is just not enough. The first thing is earrings. I know, not something out of the ordinary but I started wearing my earrings again after some months. I stopped wearing them because one of my earrings got infected (I have pierced my ear twice on one ear and one of them gets infected easily), but now I’m wearing them agian! I try to match them so with my outfit and I kinda got obsessed. Matching my outfit is kinda a tricky thing because I don’t have many different color earrings, mostly blue colors, and I don’t have much blue clothes so that sucks.

The second thing is a serie on Netflix. It’s called ‘De mooiste sprookjes van Grimm’ which basically translates to ‘The most beautiful fairy tales by Grimm’. It is a German serie where they show some fairy tales, it is not an animation but played by actors. I absolutely love that it is played and not animated. The episodes are an hour and more like a short movie then a serie of episodes that need each other to understand it, which is pretty nice. I also want to say that the show is also in my native language, dutch, but I don’t really know if there is an english version. But I hope there is because then you can also watch it!!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor de mooiste sprookjes van grimm serie This is the cover for Sleeping Beauty

So this are the two thing I have been obsessed with for this week. I hope you all liked it! See you next time 🙂


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