Just read it

hey guys!

I’m soo sorry for missing the first post in the mini-serie just read it. I can explain, I was sick. I tried to write the post but I just couldn’t concentrate and my head hurt. I actually wrote a small piece but it was just really bad and you don’t deserve a bad and quick post, just because I have the feeling that I need to do it. I do this for fun so I shouldn’t force myself. To compensate I will write a little bit about two books that I finished reading today (technically I finished only one because I finished the other last night, I think around 23.00)

So  Just read it #0.5

So the two books that I finished on wattpad are She’s broken by Lilohorse and Catching fragments by Kitkattish. If you want to read the books that I finished, you should visit my wattpad account and you will find a reading list with a lot of books that I finished. There are some books that I finished but didn’t save soo… yeah.

She’s broken

Watching your brother go down for rape sounds like a difficult task, right? Try being the girl in the witness stand, the victim.’

Most people ignore Kat Price and go straight for her perfect, confident and attractive older brother, Finn. The day that Finn goes down for rape, Kat’s in the spotlight, Kat’s the one with the answers. She also just wants to be left alone, remain invisible and live happily with her mum and her horse without the gossip and drama. So, what happens when a brooding boy with beautiful eyes and a love for horses is thrown into the mix? Eli is the proud new owner of Finn’s old mare, Tempest. He doesn’t know about Kat’s haunting past or why she’s so skittish. All he knows is that he’s desperate to help.
Headstrong and broken is how Eli describes Kat when he first see’s her. But is her past too shattered and her heart too destroyed for Eli to fix?

so this is the uhm, how do you call it? That thingy where you introduce the book… Gosh, I just can’t find the word. Anyways, I really liked this book (I like almost all books that I read but yeah..) I also like Lilohorse as writer, her characters are alway so fun, loving and adorable. The book has some deeper and intenser things in and she writes about in a way that makes me feel connected to the characters. This is not the first book that she wrote about something awful that happens everyday, she also wrote a book where the female lead character(Is that what you call it?) gets abused. I think that she really makes us aware that things like that really happen, but that you always can survive with the right person. I really recommend to read this book, or any other book written by Lilohorse.

Catching fragments

“Being mute isn’t a disability. It just means that God loves you so much that He took away your voice so that you don’t hurt others verbally. You see, He doesn’t want you to do what others are doing to you.”

⌔ ⌔ ⌔ ⌔ ⌔ ⌔ ⌔

When Sierra Bloom suffers a tragedy that costs her both her family and her voice, she shuts down every bit of emotion and passion within her and brings out a new and cold her that doesn’t like being around people and things that are easy to get attached to.

Enter David Hale. Cheerful, bright, friendly -a shocking contrast to her cold, closed off personality. Not only does David do things she dislikes, he also does not know when to give up on her.

What is Sierra supposed to do when he keeps bringing out the old her and makes her forget the tragedy she caused? The answer is obvious; shut him out and run away.

That’s the solution…. right?

I cried. I cried when I finished it. I started reading it this morning, and I finished it like half hour ago. It was just so beautiful and tragic. I’m not going to spoil the story, but let’s just say that I didn’t saw it coming. This book is also soo beautiful written, the details, the characters, the storyline. I can’t even express it. But there was a point in the book when I didn’t really felt like reading anymore, but I continued (because I don’t really have a life..) and I don’t regret it. So, if you are looking for an emotional but still really good books that will make you smile Just read it.

So this was the first post of just read it. Next time it will be longer, or shorter, I don’t know how many books I will read the next week. I hope you liked it! See you guys later (You will hear about my later this night for Shuffle that song#2)





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