Shuffle that song #2

Hey guys! Back for today with shuffle that song. Let’s not talk to much and just start!!

Red Velvet – Happiness

I really like this video, it is so colorful and it makes me really happy. It was really my summer jam this year, it is just so happy, catchy and colorful. Also the rapping parts, I want to now how to rap. I really want rap talent, unfortunately I don’t have any music or rap talent. I really like this song, I also really like the group so yeah.. check them out!

Taeyeon – I got love

At first I didn’t really know what to think of because I was kinda expecting some supersick drop and that didn’t happen, but now that I’ve heard it multiple times I really like the song. I don’t really have more to say…

Murda ft. Ronnie flex – Niet zo

I don’t really like this kind of dutch songs. But my little sister does, so when we were on vacation we would switch who put on music, and she played this song a lot. So I kinda took it over and it became one of my summer songs.

Vance Joy – Riptide

An (older) classic. It became a pretty popular song here in the Netherlands, at least I think it was. Or it could just be me, I mean I kinda played this song too much. I couldn’t hear it anymore for some time but now I can and I really like it. I just have the urge to listen to it again and again and agian and … you get the idea

De Likt – Ja dat bedoel ik

Dirty Hiphop. At least, so was it called on the festival where I first heard of this artist. I thought some of his song sounded pretty interesting, so I found this song on YouTube. I don’t really know what to think of it, It just has something about it and… I just can explain why I like this song.

So this where the 5 songs! I hope you all like it. See you guys later xoxo(because I love you guys(I’m just in a sappy mood))


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