Shuffle that song #3

HEY GUYS! I’m back with another shuffle that song, so let’s start!!

Davichi – besides me

This song is soo beautiful. It sounds d=so emotional and I don’t even know what they are saying… The dresses in the video are also beautiful and ugh.. It’s just too beautiful.

S.E.S – Paradise


This song makes me really happy. It’s just a happy song with catchy parts. especially that dotdotdot..(you need to listen the song to understand it…) But overall it is one of those song I like to play when I’m sad

Todrick Hall – Color

I know almost all the lyrics to this song. I listened to it this summer and it was just stuck on replay. I really love it and the lyrics. Plus you should really watch outta oz from todrick hall. That is where I got this song from and it is pretty amazing!

Zara Larsson – Ain’t my fault

Just really really catchy. I don’t even know why I like it, probably just because it is catchy…

Sistar – touch my body

So this was a pretty big hit in Korea, if I’m right. It is just so catchy and the video is pretty fun, but I don’t really know if I like the dance.. But hey! at least the song is good!

So this were the 5 songs of this week. I know it is short but I’m pretty busy right now :(. I still hope you all liked it! See you guys later



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