Shuffle that song #3

HEY GUYS! I’m back with another shuffle that song, so let’s start!!

Davichi – besides me

This song is soo beautiful. It sounds d=so emotional and I don’t even know what they are saying… The dresses in the video are also beautiful and ugh.. It’s just too beautiful.

S.E.S – Paradise


This song makes me really happy. It’s just a happy song with catchy parts. especially that dotdotdot..(you need to listen the song to understand it…) But overall it is one of those song I like to play when I’m sad

Todrick Hall – Color

I know almost all the lyrics to this song. I listened to it this summer and it was just stuck on replay. I really love it and the lyrics. Plus you should really watch outta oz from todrick hall. That is where I got this song from and it is pretty amazing!

Zara Larsson – Ain’t my fault

Just really really catchy. I don’t even know why I like it, probably just because it is catchy…

Sistar – touch my body

So this was a pretty big hit in Korea, if I’m right. It is just so catchy and the video is pretty fun, but I don’t really know if I like the dance.. But hey! at least the song is good!

So this were the 5 songs of this week. I know it is short but I’m pretty busy right now :(. I still hope you all liked it! See you guys later



Just read it #1

hello y’all!

So here I’m again, this time with 6 books that I’ve read on wattpad. There are 3 books that I really liked, 2 books that I didn’t finish and one that isn’t completed due to cop writing. Let’s just dive right into it and start with another book from Lilohorse

!This is just my opinion of these books, no offence to the writers, they are all great!

The Roommate Rulebook by Lilohorse

“And rule number three, knock before you enter my room,” I finished, moving my fore finger down with the instruction. His smirk widened as he leaned on my door frame. “What happens if I don’t follow your petty little rules?” he asked. I narrowed my eyes. “You’ll sincerely regret it,” I warned but he merely grinned. “I take that as a challenge.”

Being the sister of Britain’s most honored young scientist isn’t something that Alex Simmons feels she can live up to. So, in protest of her parent’s high expectations, she doesn’t even try. That changes the day that she’s forced to move in with her older cousin and his best friend to attend her final year of college. Living with one teenage male is hard enough, let alone a pigheaded,rebellious and drop dead gorgeous lodger.

Asher Toms only has one goal and that is to reach the finals of his motorbiking championships. When Alex crashes into his life, concentrating on anything but his best friend’s little cousin becomes increasingly difficult.

As the pair grow closer through relentless bathroom battles, silly arrests and a set of rules to abide by, Alex figures out that there’s a lot more to Ash than
just a badass motorbike and a pretty face, some things in his past were meant to stay hidden. But what’s a romantic adventure without a few obstacles?

This book is amazing. The characters are fun and the have great chemistry (if you say this about book characters). I especially love the prank war throughout the whole book, it shows their relationship towards the readers. Basically this is another great book by the great writer Lilohorse. (btw. I’m a sucker for cliché romantic bad boy stories. The are my life support.)

How To Turn A Good Girl Bad by LikkleAngel

Hailey is a good girl. She gets good grades, she never argues, and even she knows that she’s a pushover. Her Sister Rebecca is the popular head cheerleader and every schools ‘queen bee’ it’s hard to tell they’re even related. Moving from place to place has become their life. When they start another new school Hailey doesn’t think this will be any different.

Daniel is the Bad boy. He doesn’t care what people think. He plays with heart strings as if they were the strings on a guitar and he never listens to anyone. When he meets Hailey no one would expect anything to happen. They’re two opposites, they shouldn’t even talk, but Haileys good girl days are reaching their end. She’s tired of being told what to do and following everyones orders. When Daniel becomes a part in her life it might just be enough to turn a good girl bad…

Another bad boy/ good girl story. I absolutely loved it. The characters were adorable, loving and just fun to read about. The storyline was good, I wanted to know how it all played out in the end. Also the writing style was nice, it was easy to read for a long time. In some books the writting style irritates me but I had no problem with that in this book

The Bad Boy, Cupid & Me by Slim_Shady

Reece smirked, “Trust me Chloe, the Good Girl always falls for the Bad Boy.”

Chloe Armel is a Good Girl.
She never gets in trouble, gets excellent grades and is loved by everyone.

Enter Reece.
Wild, badass and has an ego that honestly couldn’t get any bigger.
He gets into fights, breaks every single rule and couldn’t care less about the consequences that come with it.

When Chloe’s parents leave to treat sick children in Cambodia for two weeks, she is forced to stay at her neighbour’s house.
Her neighbour has a son, and it’s Reece Carter.

Sneaking out. Parties. Drinks. Hash Brownies. Flirting. Breaking the Law…and Road Trips.
Add a few shots of Cupid’s Arrows and what have we got?

No clue.

All we know is, it’ll be unforgettable.

Loved it. absolutely loved it. I mean a good girl who is going to live with the bad boy for 2 weeks, how much better can it get! I absolutely loved Chloe, she is just so kind and adorable to read about. And of course I loved Reece, who doesn’t love the super sexy bad ass boy?

Being The Badboy’s Pet by OfficialGeeGonzalez

“Kitty?” He nuzzled his nose against the crook of my neck, I gasped at the feeling. “Kitty?” He smirked, repeating my nickname.

Why is he doing this to me?

“Ye-Yeah?” My voice came out hoarse, oh dang my voice. He chuckled, he noticed that I’m very nervous having him around me. “Shall I remind you that you’re mine, only mine.” He pressed our bodies together, he moved his lips so now they were hovering over mine.

                  “N-No, I-I’m s-sorry.”


                              Katalina Small is a typical, weird, boring, hard-working nerd. She has straight A’s in all her classes, she is a loving daughter, the coolest older sister. Can’t say that she the nicest friend because she is mostly an anti-social, her bestfriend is Mr. Bone-Her science teacher’s skeleton and Miss. Twinkle-her teddy bear.
                    Her life is normal, all of it that all changes when she gets saved by her school’s badboy and now owes him.

                             Maxwell Monte-Negro is a hard, mean, sexy, hot-tempered badboy. He hates school, his house… just to make it bunt-he hates people. He may be the second oldest, the man of the house and on but that doesn’t change that he may just secrets like the people do. He only has three bestfriends, Jona, Sam and Fabian.
           Nobody messes with him. He may have a tough, fighting, horrible and cruel life but that changes when he makes the school’s nerd his pet. His life changes from tough, fighting, horrible, cruel life to a funny, cute, sweet, nerdy and weird life.

Maybe being the Badboy’s pet may be not so bad after all.

Soo I’ve already read this book before and to be honest, it was kinda disappointing. I imagined it to be much better. I also haven’t finished this book, somewhere in the middle I just couldn’t get through it. BUT the writer is re-writing it and if it’s finished I think I’m going to read it and I believe that it will be better and worth waiting for.

The Bad Boy likes me? by VasilisaDrag

Avery Collins never knew her older brother was in a gang. That was until they moved to a new town closer to her friends. She now goes to a new school and catches the eye of Austin Gray the leader of the gang her older brother taught. He’s dangerous, charming and attractive, but he’s a player and breaks girls hearts. Avery tries to stay away from him but Austin wants her and only her.

I liked it, I really did but near the end I started to read another book and I kinda forgot this book so I didn’t finish it. I don’t really have much to say because I don’t know how it ended or if something imported happened near the end. But I still recommend you to read it, if you like bad boy stories just like me.

And the last book on this list is

Love is Blind by TaraLDeclan

Meet Reece Collins, Washington’s star quaterback, best pitcher, and track star. Reece has the money, killer looks, and the perfect family. His life was perfect.  Until the shooting.  Now meet Payton Jennings. Payton is a quiet, shy, nobody that no one even knows she exists. She has little money, a severed family and bad looks. Most people don’t even know she attends Washington high. She is the definition of a no body.  The school is rattled and turned upside down when a weird, troubled kid brought a gun to school and opened fire in the hall. Luckily no one was killed or had any serious injuries besides one.  Reece Collins and that’s because the boy envied him so much it made him hate him so he meant to kill Reece. He almost did, but Reece survived. He lost his sight though and is now, blind. This changes his whole life and brings him to Payton a girl who doesn’t care that he is blind.

I’m soo sad. The ending was deleted because of (from what I understand) copy writing and because this book is published. I really wanted to know the ending, I was just stuck in the story and I want to know what happens to Payton and Reece. I’m even considering buying the book. But I just don’t know, if it is not to high-priced. But still, I recommend it for you to read it. The relation between Reece and Payton is really adorable and I.. I just love it.

So this is my Just read it for this week. I hope you all liked it! See you just next time!!

My obsession of the week

Hey guys!

So, I just wanted to be honest and tell you guys that I don’t really have a obsession this week, unless you count tissues and medicines as obsession. I was not well and I haven’t done anything or found something that could be a obsession.  Sorry I’m disappointing but yeah…

BUT I did have an awesome conversation with a really good friend of mine, my bff as people call it. Let’s just call her Flower(you know who you are, but for your sakes I’ll keep you anonym). So flower give me this amazing idea and that is that I will try to post a quote everyday and tell you guys why that quote fits my day. I hope you guys really like this idea, cuz I do! 

I will post tomorrow to talk about this a little bit more, soo see you guys later!

Shuffle that song #2

Hey guys! Back for today with shuffle that song. Let’s not talk to much and just start!!

Red Velvet – Happiness

I really like this video, it is so colorful and it makes me really happy. It was really my summer jam this year, it is just so happy, catchy and colorful. Also the rapping parts, I want to now how to rap. I really want rap talent, unfortunately I don’t have any music or rap talent. I really like this song, I also really like the group so yeah.. check them out!

Taeyeon – I got love

At first I didn’t really know what to think of because I was kinda expecting some supersick drop and that didn’t happen, but now that I’ve heard it multiple times I really like the song. I don’t really have more to say…

Murda ft. Ronnie flex – Niet zo

I don’t really like this kind of dutch songs. But my little sister does, so when we were on vacation we would switch who put on music, and she played this song a lot. So I kinda took it over and it became one of my summer songs.

Vance Joy – Riptide

An (older) classic. It became a pretty popular song here in the Netherlands, at least I think it was. Or it could just be me, I mean I kinda played this song too much. I couldn’t hear it anymore for some time but now I can and I really like it. I just have the urge to listen to it again and again and agian and … you get the idea

De Likt – Ja dat bedoel ik

Dirty Hiphop. At least, so was it called on the festival where I first heard of this artist. I thought some of his song sounded pretty interesting, so I found this song on YouTube. I don’t really know what to think of it, It just has something about it and… I just can explain why I like this song.

So this where the 5 songs! I hope you all like it. See you guys later xoxo(because I love you guys(I’m just in a sappy mood))

Just read it

hey guys!

I’m soo sorry for missing the first post in the mini-serie just read it. I can explain, I was sick. I tried to write the post but I just couldn’t concentrate and my head hurt. I actually wrote a small piece but it was just really bad and you don’t deserve a bad and quick post, just because I have the feeling that I need to do it. I do this for fun so I shouldn’t force myself. To compensate I will write a little bit about two books that I finished reading today (technically I finished only one because I finished the other last night, I think around 23.00)

So  Just read it #0.5

So the two books that I finished on wattpad are She’s broken by Lilohorse and Catching fragments by Kitkattish. If you want to read the books that I finished, you should visit my wattpad account and you will find a reading list with a lot of books that I finished. There are some books that I finished but didn’t save soo… yeah.

She’s broken

Watching your brother go down for rape sounds like a difficult task, right? Try being the girl in the witness stand, the victim.’

Most people ignore Kat Price and go straight for her perfect, confident and attractive older brother, Finn. The day that Finn goes down for rape, Kat’s in the spotlight, Kat’s the one with the answers. She also just wants to be left alone, remain invisible and live happily with her mum and her horse without the gossip and drama. So, what happens when a brooding boy with beautiful eyes and a love for horses is thrown into the mix? Eli is the proud new owner of Finn’s old mare, Tempest. He doesn’t know about Kat’s haunting past or why she’s so skittish. All he knows is that he’s desperate to help.
Headstrong and broken is how Eli describes Kat when he first see’s her. But is her past too shattered and her heart too destroyed for Eli to fix?

so this is the uhm, how do you call it? That thingy where you introduce the book… Gosh, I just can’t find the word. Anyways, I really liked this book (I like almost all books that I read but yeah..) I also like Lilohorse as writer, her characters are alway so fun, loving and adorable. The book has some deeper and intenser things in and she writes about in a way that makes me feel connected to the characters. This is not the first book that she wrote about something awful that happens everyday, she also wrote a book where the female lead character(Is that what you call it?) gets abused. I think that she really makes us aware that things like that really happen, but that you always can survive with the right person. I really recommend to read this book, or any other book written by Lilohorse.

Catching fragments

“Being mute isn’t a disability. It just means that God loves you so much that He took away your voice so that you don’t hurt others verbally. You see, He doesn’t want you to do what others are doing to you.”

⌔ ⌔ ⌔ ⌔ ⌔ ⌔ ⌔

When Sierra Bloom suffers a tragedy that costs her both her family and her voice, she shuts down every bit of emotion and passion within her and brings out a new and cold her that doesn’t like being around people and things that are easy to get attached to.

Enter David Hale. Cheerful, bright, friendly -a shocking contrast to her cold, closed off personality. Not only does David do things she dislikes, he also does not know when to give up on her.

What is Sierra supposed to do when he keeps bringing out the old her and makes her forget the tragedy she caused? The answer is obvious; shut him out and run away.

That’s the solution…. right?

I cried. I cried when I finished it. I started reading it this morning, and I finished it like half hour ago. It was just so beautiful and tragic. I’m not going to spoil the story, but let’s just say that I didn’t saw it coming. This book is also soo beautiful written, the details, the characters, the storyline. I can’t even express it. But there was a point in the book when I didn’t really felt like reading anymore, but I continued (because I don’t really have a life..) and I don’t regret it. So, if you are looking for an emotional but still really good books that will make you smile Just read it.

So this was the first post of just read it. Next time it will be longer, or shorter, I don’t know how many books I will read the next week. I hope you liked it! See you guys later (You will hear about my later this night for Shuffle that song#2)




My crazy obsession of the week

hey guys! are you ready for my crazy obsession of the week? Psh of course you, why should I even ask you.

So uhm there are actually two thing that I have been obsessed thing. Because, you know, one is just not enough. The first thing is earrings. I know, not something out of the ordinary but I started wearing my earrings again after some months. I stopped wearing them because one of my earrings got infected (I have pierced my ear twice on one ear and one of them gets infected easily), but now I’m wearing them agian! I try to match them so with my outfit and I kinda got obsessed. Matching my outfit is kinda a tricky thing because I don’t have many different color earrings, mostly blue colors, and I don’t have much blue clothes so that sucks.

The second thing is a serie on Netflix. It’s called ‘De mooiste sprookjes van Grimm’ which basically translates to ‘The most beautiful fairy tales by Grimm’. It is a German serie where they show some fairy tales, it is not an animation but played by actors. I absolutely love that it is played and not animated. The episodes are an hour and more like a short movie then a serie of episodes that need each other to understand it, which is pretty nice. I also want to say that the show is also in my native language, dutch, but I don’t really know if there is an english version. But I hope there is because then you can also watch it!!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor de mooiste sprookjes van grimm serie This is the cover for Sleeping Beauty

So this are the two thing I have been obsessed with for this week. I hope you all liked it! See you next time 🙂

Shuffle that song #1

welcome to the first blog post Shuffle that song. So here are the random songs of this week:

1.Beast – Fiction.

This a pretty iconic kpop song. I think that the refrain is pretty catching and I can’t help to sing those few lines, even if I don’t know the actual lyrics. I didn’t like the song when I first heard it, but I saw it multiple times and started to like it more and more.

2.Seventeen – BoomBoom

Catchy as fuck. And the video, I mean damn. Most of them look so hot and I just want to know korean so I can sing the song. I was in love with the song when I first heard it, I still do but I kinda listened to it too much(oops). I say BoomBoom

3. CLC – Mistake

I love this song! I pretty much love that whole album. It is sad that there is no video, I mean they would have killed it with their new badass concept. (CLC was/ is a group that had a cute and innocent concept but they switched like 180 and now they have a badass concept and they rocked)

4.Hyuna – Red

This is my workout jam. I mean it is sooo good to listen too when you are running. I first hated the song, but now I can’t help but listen to it every work out/ run. I don’t really get the music video but it looks like they have a lot of fun, and Hyuna is so pretty, have you seen her figure, I’m so jealous

5. Winner – Empty

I don’t really know what to say about this song. I mean I don’t really love it but I also don’t hate it. It is more one of those you skip every time it comes up but you just can’t delete it. It is just a ‘filler’ song. But the video is cool, I think. I can’t really remember the video.

So this were the first 5 shuffled songs. I hope you liked! I really don’t know why the first one shows the link while the others show the video… It is really irritating me, but I don’t know how I can fix it. Oh well, see you guys later!